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Sassiest way to recover from a fall

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Vacation in South Korea, Finally! <3



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1995·07·05 happy birthday hyukkie ♥

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ken ⇁ eternity; 140629 inkigayo

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It’s all for your own good because you are terrible at them

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Happy birthday to our versatile leader who has so many different sides to his personality! 

Today we’re celebrating the birth of Cha Hakyeon, aka VIXX’s N, who brings so much joy into the lives of the members and the fans. Thank you for leading your group to success while taking care of the boys as if they were your own children. Thank you for always doing your best despite the hardships and the burden that you always have to take responsibility for the younger members. Thank you for never forgetting to think of ST☆RLIGHTs when you’re happy, and for always putting us first. We hope that we can celebrate your next 10, 20, 30 and even more birthdays with you.

Thank you for being born, N!

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Leo on Running Man for juniiorroyal

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